Choose Your Own Adventure

By Ralsu

25, 2007

last poll asked you to help us deliver the content you want. The
voting still runs through September 30, but a clear winner has already
emerged. The Ten Ton Hammer community wants to read some quest guides.
This week, we're asking you which kind(s) of quest guides you want most.

Single Quests (Fast and Frequent)

These quests are stand alone missions that often can be soloed or
duoed. Because there is only one of each one, we could produce more of
these faster than quests that have a whole series are require a full
group to complete.

Quest Series (Frequent but over a Few Weeks)

These quests are multi-part quests and usually give some of the best
rewards. They often frequently require a full group to complete the
last step. Take a look at Shayalyn's href="">United
Races of Thestra guides for an example of what these are like.
Machail has been working on the href="">Pantheon
of the Ancients series for about two months now. These will be
slower in coming--maybe two pieces per week.

Low Level (1-20)

These quests will come faster and easier because they can be done is
shorter periods of time. This also provides some help for new style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard players. Any one of us can
start an alt to do these quests.

Mid-Level (21-35)

These will take longer, but this is where the bulk of the action is.
Popular series like CIS fall into this range. Dalmarus and I have a
handful of characters in this range. Machail has already blown through
these quests, but he's willing to roll an alt to make his way through
them again.

Upper-Level (36-50)

These could some slowly. Many of these quests are longer, require
fighting into an area and getting back out again. Only Machail has a
level 50 character. Dalmarus and I will need to catch up.

Mix It Up (A Little Bit of Everything)

The status quo on the Ten Ton Hammer network is to mix it up a bit. We
try to focus mostly upper-beginner to middle-level content because the
bulk of the player base who searches for guides falls within that level
range. Also, even bored level 50s roll new characters and run into new
quests they didn't experience the first time through.

Conclusion: Difficulty versus Quantity

Putting out new content every day makes Google happy. It means we have
more news, more reasons for you to visit every day. Thus, it's easier
for us to publish quest guides we can complete faster. The harder and
higher level the quests, the longer it could take us to get you the
walk-through. Keep this in mind as you vote. You can vote for more than
one item.

Now it's your turn. Choose your
own adventure!
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Which Kinds of Quest Guides Would You Like to See?

  • Single Quests (fast and frequent)
  • Quest Series (frequent but over a few weeks)
  • Low Level (1-20)
  • Mid-Level (21-35)
  • Upper-Level (36-50)
  • Mix It Up (A Little Bit of Everything)
style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(160, 184, 216);"> href="">VOTE HERE
(voting ends 9/30/07)

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