Julie the Intern has been bringing us some nifty pieces during her time with SOE. We've gotten brief glimpses into account security, the naming policy in game, and a walk through of our petition system. All very helpful! This time, Julie takes us into the average day of a SOE Customer Service rep, aka a GM.

Kimbial popped in the Ruins of Varsoon. Ah, one of my favorite places to mentor my alts and go on a named killing spree, collecting loot! Apparently, it's a hot spot for botters too! While investigating the initial petition, Kimbial actually found another group of botters. Her eye is trained to spot them. She is quick with her hands as she tabs through windows, and enters super-secret game commands that cause each of the characters to experience their final link death, never again to return to the land of Norrath . Within minutes she had eradicated the original problem causers and was on to her next petition.

I happened to have loved this piece. If you are ever one of those players that wonder if GMs actually DO anything, you should most definitely give this one a read!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016