Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online plans to bring a beautiful medley of epic combat and well known superheroes to excited comic book fans all over the world. The road to success however is a bumpy one, and will require innovation and talent. So what is their Kryptonite? We take a look at the obstacles ahead and what it will take for this goliath to dominate the market. Can they do justice to the Justice League? We'll tell you inside.

Almost every major MMO game uses faction in order to provide additional rewards and time sinks to participate in. While some have been more successful than others, there are numerous examples to learn from. It goes without saying that DCUO will probably have them so it needs to be done right. You might know exactly where I’m going with this. You could have factions such as LuthorCorp, Metropolis Police, and Green Lantern Corp, but beyond these we must have the option to join the Justice League or the Legion of Doom (which I know isn't real). I don’t care if there are thousands of us doing it and even if it’s as a junior member, this is every DC fans dream. To walk into the Hall of Justice and talk to Flash or the Hall of Doom to help Sinistro is the equivalent of Darth Vader missions in Star Wars Galaxies. To those who have grown up around these heroes, a feature point like this on DCUO’s box could weigh heavily into their purchasing decision.

Read on to see what awaits DCUO on the road to launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016