A Fan of the Fluff: Patch 1.2 Changes I'm Looking Forward To

Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming 1.2 patch will address a number of important gameplay issues - tweaked mechanics, bug fixes, class re-balancing and other such improvements to the underlying system. It will also add some new endgame content, give PvP some love and add a whole bunch of other stuff that many players will feel is terribly important. And I totally agree, these changes and upgrades and what-have-you are important.

But the key thing that gives a game its own unique personality is not the mechanics or the addition of new content to consume. It's the non-essential fluff - the little touches that have nothing to do with shooting up bad guys or going on galaxy-spanning adventures. Patch 1.2 will be adding a lot of this, and here's a look at some of the cool "flavor" updates coming this April: A Fan of Fluff: Patch 1.2 Stuff I'm Looking Forward To

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016