Battlestar Galactica has earned a time slot in our lives not only this recent generation but in also previous generations. Many of us sit huddled around the television set from week to week watching episodes of the sci-fi series that has entertained us so thoroughly. So when Bigpoint announced earlier this year that they had obtained the rights to develop Battlestar Galactica Online it was hard not to get excited. Ten Ton Hammer headed over to the Bigpoint booth at gamescom to try to glean some more information from the team and find out what exactly the game was going to be all about.

Flight physics are in the game, but it is not yet determined how much Bigpoint wants the physics to affect the game. They want some ships to feel large and bulky but others need to be fast and agile. It is possible, though not at all confirmed, that players may be able to eventually command Battlestars, but for now the team is focusing on all types of ships from small fighters to cruiser-sized vessels.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016