Believe it or not, our resident Dark Elf, Kiara, has found love among the gnomes. Join her as she describes her undying affection for those cute little guys, and explains the joys of completing their racial quests. Could this be the beginning of something special? I think so. (*note added by Kiara: Radar is SO going down for that... He knows how much I hate Gnomes... You know those pink ribbons? Yeah. The beard.)

As if it weren't humiliating enough for a Dark Elf to have to play a Ratonga or all the rest of those things... Now I've been ordered by the evil pink pantseded one to look at the Gnomes. GNOMES!!! I'm playing FOOD. It's almost too much to bear... I swear if he makes me do Erudites next I'll... I'll... I'll shave off his beard is what I'll do!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016