Our favorite little halfling is at it again! Niami Denmother over at EQ2 Traders Corner is frolicking along on test and getting a quick peek at all the new goodies that Game Update #41 will bring!

Some of you may remember various people asking Domino for tableware house items. Others of you may remember seeing a thread by Domino in the SOE forums asking what zones seemed to suffer the worst shrub infestations due to cherry pickers and the like. I doubt that many of us expected this amusing merge of the two topics. It seems there is a VERY hungry halfling on the Thundering Steppes docks, and he wants you to go out and gather (harvest) some food for him before he starves.

Ride along with the Denmum to see what wonderful things she has found in this Game Update!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016