While surfing around the Warhammer Online Community, I picked up this interesting piece of information. For those of you who frequent the Warhammer Alliance or Warhammer Offline (both excellent sites), here is an important newsflash from the Warhammer Alliance Website:

The purpose behind Warhammer Alliance website has always been to bring together the best community, the best people and the best information. Today marks the begining of a growing alliance, an alliance of people dedicated to that vision. I would very much like to welcome Vervayne, and Akirra to the Warhammer Alliance Team. If you don't already know, Vervayne and Akirra are the brains and brawn behind the very successful Warhammer Offline website. A long running site that has been dedicated to bringing Warhammer Online: Age reckoning information to the community...

You can read the entire message here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016