For those who have been active in the MMOG community, you may have already heard the name Scott Jennings from his involvement in various games and his prolific blog.

At night, he may be a vocal gamer, but during the day he is hard at work at NCsoft as a part of the Game Surveillance Unit, the team responsible for hunting down botters, gold sellers, and rule breakers. Also known as GM Luminary, Scott Jennings had a few words to share with Aion players about what they do and how you can help.

In the game industry, we have also seen an increase in attacks by third parties in an attempt to steal your account information by any means necessary, including phishing, obtaining passwords from third party sites/systems, and using account information provided by those engaged in power-leveling services and other prohibited activities. Recently, the number of these attacks has risen dramatically.

As a result, our game support queues have drastically increased, with thousands of support tickets from players who have lost access to their game accounts and are suffering extended wait times for help. Our game servers, account databases, and support sites are under constant attack and being probed for any vulnerability. It’s a war that by no means is over.

Our enemies are playing for high stakes—the estimated $2 billion dollars that RMT companies earn off the back of game developers and players like you. And we are playing for high stakes as well—the right that we believe we have as a company, and you as players, to play games that are free from the corruption of in-game currency sales and all that results from that.

It’s a war that we’re committed to winning, but one that we’ll need your help with to achieve a real victory. I’ll describe first our responsibility to you to provide a safe and secure gaming environment, and then what you can do in return to protect yourself.

Read more of what Scott has to say and get solid tips on how to protect yourself in this very informative post from NCsoft.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016