Blast through the early Biomek levels!

What's the difference between a level 1 biomek in Auto Assault and a level 10 biomek? About 130 action-packed quests! In keeping with trademark biomek efficiency, TenTonHammer now offers a level 1-10 biomek walkthrough to ensure a 99.67% rate of fast, fun progression through the early levels!

Give Maslow the supplies, and you'll get [3] Drive Carefully, a waypoint-scripted Fedex mission to Agent Vestige in the northeast part of the region. She offers three quests [3] Drain the Swamp, [3] Over the Top, and [3] Refreshments. These all take you southward; you'll easy accomplish the first two along the eastern side of the road (clear the Crawlers and pump the pools of goo clear, then go up and over the two "ramp-nests" to spawn the Breeders - they're huge, but easy marks).

Check out the Biomek level 1 through 10 walkthrough at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer... if for no other reason than this: resistance is futile!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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