AdventureQuest Worlds: The Greatest Yokai War!

The Ultimate Showdown between Hero and the Yokai!   

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This could not have happened at a worse time. Just when things are starting to look promising for Yokai Island, the unthinkable happens… the forbidden Chaos Yokai, O-dokuro, is summoned through the Rift of Time. Oh, this is just greeeaat. This Chaos Beast is not your average run-of-the-mill Yokai, either; O-dokuro is a massively overpowered massive skeleton made out of skeletons. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the legendary Shrines on the Island are being spawn-camped by some not-so-friendly Yokai. But let’s tempt fate for just a second—could things possibly get any worse?

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Whoops! Spoke too soon. The Time Rift in which O-dokuro came from is still open… and the only way to close it is by using the same Blade that opened it in the first place. But it just so happens that said sword—the Hanzamune Blade—is currently in Chaos Lord Kitsune’s possession. And it doesn’t look like he will just hand it over, either. But with the Time Rift open, hundreds of monsters have started pouring out, flooding the Island of Yokai with… well… more Yokai! What does this mean in AQWorld’s lingo? ...WAR!

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Now that the Rift in Time is open and with War on the horizon—literally and metaphorically—you must fight through waves of Yokai baddies as you scale a top a massive mountain made up of bones. But wait… this is no normal mountain… it is actually O-dokuro! (We told you that this Chaos Beast was huge, and in all actuality, he really is!) Fight your way to the top where the epic showdown between Hero and Overpowered Chaos Yokai will commence. If you prove victorious, your efforts will be awarded with massive bundles of Experience, Gold, Rep, and—of course—new weapons and armor!   


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These new items are some of the coolest we have ever seen… and created. Since we believe your character should look the way you want, and furthermore wield anything to your heart’s content, we have created bunches of new Color Custom Items. So no matter what level your Fashion Stats is, you have the free-will to make your weapon, armor, and overall character look the way you want!   

Wanna find out more about this week’s release and the madness that comes along with it? Check out the AQWorlds Design Notes ( Or XP everything firsthand by logging on and playing now (for free, too!) at!

Battle On!

Artix, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQW Team

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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