Aeria grabs another F2P game, Cronous.

Continuing its acquisition of free to play games, Aeria has purchased the rights to distribute Cronous in North America. Set for beta this month (July) and full release in August, Cronous is billed as a Dungeon and Dragons/Diable-esque traditional MMORPG that includes over 100 maps and dungeons. The press release included some additional information on the character choices:

"Players can choose from classes such as Fighters, Valkryries (like Rogues), Magicians (like Wizards) and Savages (like Barbarians). Game characters gain special attacks and magic spells specific to their classes through leveling."

The free to play with no upfront costs Cronous will have special in-game items that can be purchased with Aeria Points. Look for more information on Aeria Games.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016


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