The guild "After World" is recruiting. Looking for a solid RvR based guild, After World seems to have some pretty strong goals at their inception. Here's the post they made to our forums:

After World is currently recruiting.

After World will be an active guild with a playerbase that strives to be the best, our guild leadership structure is second to none in the fact that it allows our guild to maximize our ability to dominate in RvR and still allow our members to play the way the like to play, while minimizing the stress and drama most other guilds officers have to deal with. Our goals will be complete domination of our opposing faction and the entire WAR effort on our server. Come join a guild that will be a force to behold in WAR.

We are a US guild that will fight for the forces of destruction and all races from the destruction are welcome

You can check us out at to register on our forums and apply for forum admin, guild officer and other top guild positions.

You can contact me at [email protected] or send me a PM on the After World forums if you have any questions.

You can read more about them in our Forum Post by Clicking Here

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016