It has been more than a year since the launch of Age of Conan and a lot has changed! Ten Ton Hammer is taking a long hard look at the evolution of AoC and sharing which game features have changed for the better and which are still in need of some work. Are these countless updates enough to lure players back? Come find out!

I’ve often called Age of Conan the hardest working MMOG in the industry and I stand by that statement. Funcom has gone beyond just adding shiny new zones and content; they have a dedication to make the game better in every way. Game systems have been overhauled, class balance has been re-worked, PvP has been put under the magnifying glass repeatedly, and technical troubles have been ironed out. Over the next few weeks Ten Ton Hammer will be re-visiting Age of Conan and sharing what changes have been made and what aspects of the game still need some attention. For those who haven’t been in AoC since launch, it may inspire you to take a second look.

Visit this link to read the full article and check back next week as we explore other game mechanics such as combat, feats, and itemization!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016