Imagine a game that has innovative combat, amazing graphics, in depth PvP, and has had months of polish. This is what Age of Conan fans had been hoping for prior to the release of AoC and many were disappointed.

Now, a year has passed and Funcom has been working their collective butts off to make AoC better, funner, and more playable for all. Have they succeeded? In the second part of our re-visit with Age of Conan Savanja covers combat, questing, sieges and PvP changes.

There are all sorts of patch notes that highlight changes and formulas that players come up with to calculate what is happening in game down to the last hit point, but none of that interests me. All I care about is how the class feels when I pull out my sword and hack at things. Combat continues to hold the same dazzle as before, but a returning player will definitely feel the benefit of a year of tweaks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016