Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - CES Preview Based on interviews with Erling Ellingsen (Product Manager) and Jorgen Tharaldsen (Product Director)

WarCry Posted this CES interview and preview of Age of Conan. Don't miss a thing!

We started in character creation and we found ourselves on a slave ship selecting between the Stygian, the Aquilonian and the Cimmerian. Escaping slavery, you are making your way in this brutal, backward world. There is one word I can say about the level of physical character customization possible in Age of Conan, and that is "astounding!" Over 30 different aspects of physical attributes that you can adjust await the eager fans. For example, just for the cheeks alone, you can adjust the length, the width, the height and the depth.

The same goes for the body. You can create an anorexic woman with huge (and I mean huge!) ta-tas, a man with the physique of Arnie or Pee-Wee Herman as you wish, and as usual, there's the wonderful one-click randomizer. One thing you cannot do is to give your character a pot-belly. Ahem... you are an escaped galley slave after all. But, onto the game and its unique features!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016