Funcom, live and uncut...

You've seen the video, now read the transcript. Age of Conan
developers sit down with community members and press to discuss the state
of the game. They answer questions about stealth, raiding, female
characters, loot and more. For the first time, this panel is now available
in transcript format.

We will have twenty plus raid targets at launch. We're going to
have 24-man teams as raid target number of players. Almost exclusively the
raids are high level, as in 75+ to 80. I think there are one or two
examples of lower level, but I'm not totally sure if they're going to make
it or if we ramp them up to level 80. Our estimate says that we have
several hundred hours of raid content, and I hope that's true, but it also
depends on how hard we make it. I mean we can make one raid take several
hundred hours.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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