Hey, Conan, you’ve got some red on you.

Age of Conan from the crew at Funcom was showing at E3 in Santa Monica this year, and it was too good an opportunity to miss! Read on and see what Product Director Jørgen Tharaldsen presented in the deep, dark Eidos dungeon at the Fairmont hotel…

Since I was a wee lad in the forgotten wilderness of Eastern Canada, I've been a fan of Robert E. Howard and the Conan universe. I spent hours poring through my copies of "Savage Sword of Conan", a new one dutifully purchased each month from the corner store with money made by mowing neighbour's lawns. An uber-D&D geek (gee, who woulda thought, huh?), I even had a player character modelled after Bor'aqh Sharaq the Barachan corsair. You know, the guy in the horned metal helmet that (thanks to Conan) had a missing right forearm, could attach all kinds of weapons to it in a socket? SSOC #75, 83, 92 and 106.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016