WarCry's Stephen Spiteri is sick of people bad-mouthing Age of Conan, and he fires back in this impassioned editorial.

Tall poppy syndrome. This is not a social condition very well known to those living outside of Australia or the UK, but basically it is a tendency of others to criticise an individual or group of individuals on their success. Australian professional golfer, Greg Norman, tall poppy syndrome to him meant "a jealousy of success". Norman exemplified by saying that if someone in America bought a sports car, then other Americans would say "Nice car!" If someone in Australia bought a sports car, however, other Australians would scratch it. "Okay, Stephen's lost the plot" I hear you saying, "Yeah, what are you babbling about now, dude?" Well, this fortnight I spring to the defence of 'Age of Conan', as I examine some of the criticisms the game has received from "other" and competing MMORPG developers.

See what he had to say here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016