Perhaps even PvP *in* Age of Conan. Who knows? I can't say I actually read it.

WarCry has a new editorial up which discusses Age of Conan and PvP.

PvP (Player versus Player [combat]) has been on my mind recently. I'm a fan of PvP, and while I wouldn't consider myself a "hardcore" PvPer, I still certainly get my jollies from fighting against another player, gripped in an epic wrestle, with each other's prides on the line as we deftly manoeuvre and muscle for a tactical advantage. There are then those fights where you might best your opponent with nothing more than a lucky roll of the dice, so to speak; a game of chance or luck, a bit like that fight scene you might have seen in a movie where the good-guy and bad-guy are locking horns and the fight seems to be going nowhere, and just when things are starting to turn in favour of the bad-guy, he's struck by lightning or delivered a final blow by a minor character, or something. The thing that appeals to me most about PvP is its spontaneity; it's capacity to catch even the most experienced of gamers by surprise and make things go the other way even at a moment's complacency.

Check it out at WarCry.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016