The Rest of the GDC Age of Conan Preview!

We've been hard at work listening to our voice recorders and transcribing the events that occurred at our GDC Age of Conan demo, and now the rest of the extensive Age of Conan preview is ready to read. Rather than preparing a video or giving us a demonstration on a closed server, Jorgen Tharaldsen, Conan's Product Director, and Designer Thor Bjorno loaded a character onto a running server where a few hundred closed beta testers were churning through the developed content, pointing out any errors or inconsistencies with the gameplay. Over the span of two days, a pair of sessions, and three hours of actual discussions, Jorgen and I hashed out some things that hadn't been extensively discussed on the website. The rest of the preview includes a look at AI, PvP, seige warfare, quests, and more!

"You can't just charge into the camp," Jorgen said as he walked his character around. "If you do, the guards at the front of the camp will alert those in the back, spawning more guards and bringing them all down upon you at once. You can achieve your goal this way, but there are other ways to achieve this goal: You can poison the food source, you can use the day night cycle to your advantage, you can even set their tents on fire. We made the camps unpredictable, so players won't be able to simply saunter in and do the same thing their friend just did."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016