Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison has posted his newly relabeled "Letter from the Game Director", which is now being called the "Monthly Development Update." The AoC team has finally settled into their new Montreal workspace and after a few "teething issues" are back to work on the 2.1 AoC update. Morrison outlines two key additions slated to deploy in the update: PvP and new social and guild features.

PvP fans will be happy to know that a new minigame is on the way with The Call of Jhebbal Sag, which will take place in the Pictish Wilderness. The map itself is a 12v12 variation of Capture Point or Domination if you're a shooter fan. But there are also a few surprises.

Players can also bring their mounts to this mini-game, which will add another different mechanic to the area that you haven’t seen in the other mini-games. Finally there are also random buffs/debuffs located around the mini-game that can tip the tide of battle. Each node though is not guaranteed to be beneficial. Will you receive the blessing of Jhebbal Sag or his curse?

The second addition Morrison details is one involving social and guild feature, which will include new Guild Events and Horse Racing. The events include:

  • Treasure Hunt - (outdoor only) Pick up randomly scattered treasures across the zone for the highest point total.
  • Demon Hunt - (outdoor only) Find your compatriots that have become demons and catch them for points. As a demon, survive without being caught for points.
  • Ymir's Hunt - (indoor only) Freezetag! Run away from the Ymirish or you'll be frozen. Survive or unfreeze others for points.
  • Storytelling - (indoor or outdoor) Take turns telling a story and vote for the finest storyteller over multiple elimination rounds.
  • Insult Contest - (indoor or outdoor) Skillfully insult a given target using the theme provided and vote for whoever you feel is the best at slinging the proverbial mud to give them points.

Any guild member will be able to sponsor an event by speaking with the Arbiter of Honor. Their money will become the prize pool awarded for the game.

The new additions will certainly add some fun new concepts to social gameplay and PvP. Be sure to check out the full "Monthly Development Update" for additional details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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