The bloodshed can't begin soon enough, we say.

GameSpy has posted a preview of the upcoming Age of Conan over the weekend...

More so than any previous MMO I've ever seen, the character creation interface in Age of Conan sets an amazing tone for the game's brutal world. It's been described before: characters start out as chattel in a slave galley, and it is within the harrowing decks of this ship that you get to define your avatar's looks. By tweaking all the sliders, you can make your character look as feral and brutish as you want, adjusting the precise degree of slant on his broken nose, the depth of the dip of his brow, the contours of his arse. Yes, "arse." If you don't believe me, you can go into the character creation interface and see for yourself. When it comes to impropriety and barbarism, however, these little affectations are just the tip of the iceberg for Age of Conan. It definitely looks like Funcom is going all out for this one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016