Today's the day: "Rise of the Godslayer," Age of Conan's first expansion, hits the servers. Will this heavy dose of Asian culture give Age of Conan the mid-level lift the game sorely needs? Will the dizzying amount of carefully crafted level 20-40 and 80 content unleash our inner barbarian once again? We won't attempt to answer these ponderous questions... at least, not yet. But we will give you a solid first look at the expansion's loot, levels, locations, lore, and lurid brilliance in our special launch day preview of Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer.

From the article:

"Further inland, no tour of Paikang is complete without a visit to the Temple of Yun, the home of the vile skull-faced Yellow Priests of Yun, a death cult that's probably as M for Mature as anything you'll find in AoC. Their nightly jollies include a "Dance of Sacrifice" to cheer young naked females into a fit of religious enthusiasm that, at its climax, sees them jumping like lemmings into a blood-crusted sacrificial pit. If you're thinking that this is all an incredible waste, your thoughts match mine, but maybe there's some pithy NPC dialogue or Robert E. Howardian societal commentary we can glean from this madness should we make another visit.

11 more factions (plus the Yellow Priests of Yun), 200 new armor sets with 8 pieces each, tons of mid-level and level cap content, and one new expansion that's literally the size of Asia. Read on in Ten Ton Hammer's special launch day preview of Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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