Dark Age of Camelot joined the MMOG circuit in 2001 and has been a staple for many RvR enthusiasts. In gaming terms though, nine years of player subscriptions is a rare achievement. How has DAoC survived through several new generations of MMOGs and what are Mythic’s plans to keep the game exciting and fresh? Find out as Ten Ton Hammer sits down with Producer Stuart Zissu at gamescom to talk plans past, present and future of the legendary title.

The next item on the docket for Mythic is the addition of Live Events to the game. Zissu explains the project as “immediate and intimate interaction of the players,” meaning the developers and GMs will be in game during these events, organizing and running them. As an example of one of these events, the devs logged into the game from Wednesday through Friday and posed as merchants.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016