Established games, whether they launched years ago or months ago, always find themselves competing with the new kids who come onto the scene and this coming year has some huge games making a show giving games like Aion a run for their money. While fans line up for the launches of the new titles of 2010, the folks at NCsoft will be working hard to keep us interested and playing. What will it take for Aion to compete?

Balance is never perfect and while it should always be something that we strive for, I think most players realize that PvP balance is an ongoing challenge and never a true state of being. More hardcore PvPers (which I am not) may have much more in depth ideas, but my hopes for Aion PvP is very basic…I desire a level playing field and more reason to kill other players.

Come take a look into Aion's future and ponder with me what our game needs to stay on top during what could be the biggest year for MMOGs since 2004!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016