Aion's Scout archetype is all about melee action, impressive damage, and useful utilities all combined into one stealthy bundle of raw skill. During Aion's preview weekend, Savanja got a chance to get to know the scout archetype well and shares with you the pros and cons of the scout along with a play-by-play of the ranger's first levels.

You'll find that you will really rely on your bandages. I like to make the most of my gaming in the short free time I have so I'm not terribly big on combat downtime and the scout ends up with plenty of it. Since you will end fights generally on the low end of the health bar, using your bandaging skill will get you up and moving far quicker than waiting for it to tick up on its own.

Whether you are a dedicated soloer who wants a class that will take you the distance, or a team player who covets the top parse ranks, come find out if the scout is just what you are hoping for!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016