This week Ten Ton Hammer takes a look at the warrior archetype, Aion's heavy tank class. If you enjoy standing toe to toe with your enemies and taking just as many hits to the face as you give this archetype may be just what you're looking for. The warrior is all about heavy armor, combos, and melee. During Aion's second beta weekend, Martuk got the chance to take a look at this class and provide some colorful commentary on how he felt about the experience.

Combos won’t be your only important thing to master. You’ll also need to start getting use to all the classic tanking skills that make us the meat shields we all know and love: Aggro Management! However, this won't become too big of a part of the gameplay until you reach level 10 and one of the first of these skills you’ll acquire is called Provoke. If the name itself isn’t self explanatory, it simply means you taunt your target to draw its ire. I'm not sure what the taunt entails, but one can assume it's probably something involving the enemy's mother, whip cream, and some lint covered barb-wire.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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