The holidays are finally here in the real world and now thanks to Aion's Solorius event, the holidays are also making a show in game.

After the disappointment over the Harvest Revel non-event during the Halloween season, NCsoft couldn't afford to disappoint players again. So how does this holiday stack up and did Aion manage to wow players with a fabulous in-game event?

Both Sanctum and Pandaemonium have decorated the cities in a gorgeous holiday theme. You’ll find wreaths, lights, and trimmed trees with gifts. Both cities are so pretty, but I admit, I think Pandaemonium looks particularly amazing. Along with the decorations, both cities play very soothing holiday music. Generally I’m not a huge fan of holiday music, but it’s pretty classy and tasteful so I’m finding myself humming along rather than turning down my master volume.

The Solorius holiday event is going on now through January 6th so be sure to read up on what you can expect in this holiday review and get in game to participate while you can!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016