After a rocky start to Aion's open beta, are things finally getting better? The NCsoft West team has been working hard to get the lag and latency issues under control and it seems that we are finally seeing some progress. CM Ayase posted this info:

Our recent maintenance completed roughly 45 minutes after scheduled start at 12.30 p.m. PDT and the login servers were assaulted (!) by the incoming masses mere seconds after our "They're back online!" messaging.

The fixes imposed did at first not seem to have any effect at all, but as the minutes passed reports changed and turned into pre-dominantly positive reports indicating that the situation had improved vastly. At the same time, a lesser amount of reports indicated the opposite. Some were able to improve their client latency by simply restarting the client. Try this if you haven't already!

It seems lag is still a major issue for some players but don't think that they are just slapping a bandaid on it and calling it fixed! Ayase also let us know that they are continuing to work on the networking troubles.

We have been making minor updates to our network and connectivity all throughout the evening and hope that some of these changes will have gone that extra mile to affect you positively. Please keep your reports coming - both good and bad - as that helps us monitor the situation as we go and make even more improvements.

Things do seem better in Aion and hopefully the lag that has plagued the first day of open beta has subsided for most. How has your game experience been so far? Let us know by clicking the "Post your comments" link below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016