Aion's first expansion, Assault on Balaurea, has been live now for about two months. But it usually doesn't take that long for players to blaze through all the newest content and Beshmundir Temple is part of the already conquered content plundered by many players. So what do the devs do to add a little more challenge and maybe some juicy new loot? They take Beshmundir Temple Hard Mode of course.

The devs have been hard at work adding he new mode to the temple and a guide to the new hard mode will be posted to the Aion PowerWiki next week. But Massively recently managed to get an early peek at the guide and have posted an overview to give players a look at the new challenge mode and what awaits them in the new version of Beshmundir Temple.

Enter Beshmundir Temple: Hard Mode, the cure for the common dungeon! Witness Macunbello make a meal of unsuspecting souls, Virhana dish out enough damage to choke a black hole, and Stormwing subsist on the tears, cries, and sorrows of foolish Daevas.

Check out the full overview at Massively.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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