CCP’s Chief Market Officer Magnus Bergsson takes some time to discuss the recent incident involving the EVE Intergalactic Bank heist of 790 Billion ISK – allegedly!

The EVE Intergalactic Bank (EIB) – noble idea come to ruin, or a scam from the get-go? Either way, many players lost billions in what has been revealed as the largest in-game heist of ISK ever seen in the virtual world of EVE Online. In the beginning, things were good. Deposits were made, interest was paid out, and the shareholders were happy. There were equal amounts of players on the forums, some screaming ‘Scam!’, others defending the EIB as a good thing, and all around both parties, countless players screaming, “Rabble! Rabblerabblerabblerabble!” for good measure.

The nay-sayers were proven right one ominous day, when owner ‘Cally’ posted details in the official EVE Online message boards showing how he had just made off with 790 Billion ISK (no, that’s not a typo or misprint) in EIB assets. Public outcry since that day has been understandably vocal! In the wake of this event, CCP decided to hold a small online press conference to discuss some of the details, as they know them, of… ISKGate? I need a catchier name here…

Get the full scoop in our wrap-up of the recent online press conference!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016