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Spawn/NPC Changes:

  • A new NPC/Guard suppression system has been implemented. NPC guard spawns are now more intelligently tied in to towers and NPCs. Players that advance across the map and take out objectives along the way should feel as if they are making notable progress in the Battleground. Both the Frostwolf and Stormpike Supply Officers sell a guide on the battle in Alterac.

  • All towers have been changed from having a 5 minute respawn to using a much longer respawn time. This should make assaults much more viable once the initial guard spawn has been defeated.

  • Korrak the Bloodrager has gained immunities and has had his spawn timer greatly lengthened.

  • Both Ivus the Forest Lord and Lokholar the Ice Lord now make their way to the opposing faction base after 10 minutes of idle time in the Field of Strife.

  • NPCs in Alterac Valley will no longer assist players. This change will prevent the enormous NPC trains currently happening in the zone. Additionally, this change along with a change to the way Tower Archers function when reacting to enemy NPCs will eliminate the evade bug issues in the zone.

Item and Looting Changes:

  • Alterac Valley vendor sold items should now be soulbound.

We realize that player corpse looting in Alterac Valley can often be problematic and are investigating ways in which to make the process of looting a fallen player fair to all involved. For this pass, we are putting max count limits on nearly all turn in related items. The changes are as follows:

  • Darkspear Troll Mojo (10)

  • Dwarf Spine (10)

  • Forsaken Heart (10)

  • Human Bone Chip (10)

  • Orc Tooth (10)

  • Severed Night Elf Head (10)

  • Tauren Hoof (10)

  • Tuft of Gnome Hair (10)

  • Armor Scraps (100)

  • Stormpike Soldier's Blood (20)

  • Storm Crystal (20)

  • Stormpike Soldier's Flesh (15)

  • Stormpike Lieutenant's Flesh (10)

  • Stormpike Commander's Flesh (6)

  • Frostwolf Soldier's Medal (15)

  • Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medal (10)

  • Frostwolf Commander's Medal (6)

Faction/Reputation/Quest Changes:

  • The faction for turning in Coldtooth and Irondeep supply quests has been increased. Players will gain significantly more faction for retrieving supplies from the opposing faction's mine.

  • Along with the inventory max count changes, many associated quests have had their turnin requirements increased. This should allow for more interplay among teams. Many different players will now be allowed to turn in quest items to spawn units and bolster defenses.

  • The minimum faction to call for a cavalry charge has been reduced to Honored.

  • A new offensive faction ability has been added. Offensive air strikes may now be called by players with Revered or greater faction. Offensive air strikes require that the missing Wing Commanders be rescued and returned to base safely. Players should find air strikes as one of their most powerful tools in defeating the enemy.

Honor Point Changes:

  • Each team will now gain additional bonus honor if their towers are not destroyed upon the completion of the map (victory). The more towers that remain intact, the more honor awarded.

  • If you manage to keep your faction's Captain alive for the duration of a battle, you will be granted extra points upon victory.

We will monitor these changes during the next phase of public testing, and make adjustments as necessary. Thank you all for the great feedback.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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