Nathan's the veritable fount of the stream of EVE knowledge, so Cody took a nice long sip.

When they're teaching you to write a term paper in high school, they always teach you to find the original source. That was my thinking when we agreed to interview EVE Online's Executive Producer, Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson, at AGDC '07. Since our discussion was so in-depth, we had to split the article into two parts to better facilitate the Ten Ton Hammer readers. In Part One we discuss Trinity 2, touch on Revelations 3, and even scratch the surface of the eventual introduction of Empires!

When Nathan brought up the outside game experience of EVE, what instantly jumped to my mind was a social "Web 2.0" type experience for the players; a kind of pseudo-social networking. I voiced my thoughts to Nathan, and he responded in kind. "That's kind of the way we're approaching things," he said. "Our social 'network' is already there, it's just providing more tools out-of-game. They're already sharing all of their information with their confidants; we just want to provide them with a platform on which they can reach more people. Right now its only the big corps that have forums and that sort of thing, and we just want to help provide that to the smaller organizations."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016