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When it comes to hitting upon a gamer's addictive nature, a group of developers from the United Kingdom may have landed upon an absolute gold mine of an idea. Blending the addictiveness of a first person shooter, an online gaming atmosphere, and real money, these developers have created a skill-based online FPS called Kwari where fragging for cash is the norm. Publicly announced a few weeks ago, Kwari has jumped to the forefront in the gaming marketplace, due to its intriguing business model and unique style of gameplay. To learn more about the upcoming online FPS, Ten Ton Hammer's managing editor, Cody "Micajah" Bye, sat down with Kwari founder Eddie Gill to learn the finer points of capping others to take their coin.

There will be nine maps for the three themes, but there will only be one map for the countdown arena. But when the game goes live, we'll be adding different maps and we'll also be adding different functions.

That's one of our main goals, to add different features to our game along with additional maps. For example, we're hoping to introduce a function in the game, one month after launch, that's an object that flies around the level and players can shoot at it. It costs $0.01 to shoot at it, but when a player hits the object coins come exploding out of the item that anyone can pick up.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016