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It's Monday, which means all across our network writers are weighing in on a single topic. This week: what goes into great zone design?

Everyone knows that location is everything in the real estate market and in MMO's it is no less important. Today Medeor gives us a look into Telon's real estate value.

The above quote is from the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes website, describing Australia, I mean Qalia. I’m guessing Qalia is not being over-run with tourists unless they are on “Survivor.” While it doesn’t sound like a place for a summer home, the harshest of environments seem to breed some mean-spirited critters (I believe it has something to do with a guy named Darwin). I’ll look forward to counting the numbers of shades of beige that they can create. Mountains always present unique barriers within games (pun intended). Are these mountains that we will be able to scale and find nooks and crannies where bad guys live, or will these mountains be barriers to forbidden lands that we’ll have to go around? Or, will they be both?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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