Kyle Rowley Talks with Ethec

The force is with us... Rising Force Online, that is! It's the "science-fantasy" MMORPG famous for its supersized player vs. player battles known as "Chip Wars" that occur at regular intervals throughout the game day. He may not be Yoda, but Community Liaison Officer Kyle "Laeth" Rowley answers our every question about PvP, character development, and much more in RF Online.

"Kyle "Laeth" Rowley , Community Liaison Officer, RF Online: I think it's fair to say that the MMO genre at the moment is full to the brim of fantasy themed games. Players are getting tired of playing in the same kind of setting over and over again, and RF Online tries to change all that. We think RF Online brings a fresh new theme to the MMO world, by combining all the loved aspects of the fantasy genre (elves, magic, swords etc) with all the ultra cool aspects of the Sci-Fi genre (Mechs, Cyborgs, Guns :D ). Due to this unique setting, the writers on the RF Online team can make use of their creative imagination and write history and future storylines that compel players, inviting them to find out more about the world they play in."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016