There have been a lot of recent gameplay reveals about Guild Wars 2. We know a lot now about the combat, the dynamic events system, and your character's personal story. We've got these three topics condensed and analyzed in an easy to understand article in addition to links to where you can find out more about each of these gameplay mechanics.

Of course, a game with a living world is great, but a lot of the movement will be handled by roving groups of adventurers looking to take on the challenges in front of them. That’s not all about “you” but it’s all about the “world.” MMOGs often take the approach of driving you along a linear storyline until you reach the apex – the final bad guy, defeat him and then wait on the expansion when a new villain will ride in to rain on the parade. GW2 will diverge from this path and make sure that your story is personal and attuned to you instead of a singular linear story.

Analysis of Recent Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Reveals Guild - now available here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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