It’s the end of February and that means it’s time for another Monthly Development Update for Anarchy Online. This month’s update provides more details on the new game engine progress, the brand new starter experience and the planned server merger.

A new trailer of the engine in action should be on the way soon once the marketing ninjas get done with it. The new starter experience that will be supported with the new engine will start players off in the same area regardless of if they have the expansion or not. Professions are also getting another look and some tweaks on their secondary roles.

Currently some professions have very strong, unique roles, while others have to rely solely on DPS, and we're looking at the fundamentals of each profession's primary and secondary role. As part of our vision, we're extending the usability of your tools to allow you to be more efficient in your role and depend less on just attack rating.

No solid details about the upcoming server merger were revealed in the update, but there may be a new forum soon for players to offer feedback in once the information has been finalized.

Source: Anarchy Online February Monthly Development Update

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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