Sneak previews can be dangerous. Bring your lazer. Pew pew!

The Anarchy Online team has released a new preview of what's in store for players with the long-awaited patch 17.9.

We are happy to present a preview of the content we plan to release with the 17.9 update.

Steps of Madness – the nightmare continues

Neleb the Deranged sits in his cave, oblivious of the world outside and lost in the dark pits of his insanity. On the outside, a handful of people have long been convinced that Neleb is not a deranged mind with delusions of grandeur, but rather a misunderstood visionary. One of these people is more than happy to talk to people and will even supply quick and easy transport to the cave itself…if you dare venture inside, that is!

Steps of Madness, which was the first dungeon added to Anarchy Online back in 2001, is not going to be quite as you remember it! Recently, nostalgia got hold of us and we decided to give it a small facelift. Targeted for levels 30-60, Steps of Madness now has modified monsters (yes, before you ask, we have taken them off their insane diets and their hit points should be a bit more manageable now!), new and improved loot and some revised items and drop rates. We hope that both new and old players alike will find their way to this curious place where sanity balances on an edge.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016