More opinion about what lies ahead for us beyond the Dark Portal!

Worthplaying has posted a review/editorial about some of the major features in store for us in the expansion, along with plenty of opinion showing the author's feelings about some of the major changes the expansion will bring...

So what does the title mean? What is the “Burning Crusade”, exactly? Well if you’re at all in the know as regards the mythology and lore of the Warcraft universe, you know that a pretty colicky gang of demons has been doing it’s, uhh, “damnedest” to invade the more or less nonchalant world known as Azeroth. They’ve done some pretty underhanded things during this process, including (but not limited to) enslaving an entire species through infected blood. They keep getting smacked down at the zero hour, but you have to hand it to the infernal pests; they’re nothing if not dogged in their determination. This expansion details yet another attempt on the demons’ behalf to vent their feelings of angst and ennui on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Also there are new Elves and European space aliens.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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