Put down the pitchforks...

It's no secret that MMOGs are often subject to what can only be referred to as growing pains. While there's no Mike or Ben Seaver, they can still be very rough on the average player. William "JoBildo" Murphy offers his point of view and lessons learned after many a rough start with games of the past:

Here’s a general rule of thumb for weighing your expectations for any product before you actually get to experience it: take the advertisement for any given product, erase marketing buzzwords, and then reread it. You’re very likely to have something more valuable at this point, and something that won’t erroneously raise your hopes, leaving you a broken husk of a man (or woman) when in fact the product does not grant you invincibility, unlimited wealth, or beauty beyond your wildest dreams.

Be sure to read JoBildo's full rant HERE!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016