's interview didn't dig up anything surprising but it did ease the fears of many knowing that Age of Conan was still moving forward. With plans of a Xbox 360 platform launch and an expansion in the works, Game Director Craig Morrison is optimistic that players will give AoC a second chance.

Jockie asks: Historically, once an MMO begins to slide there's no way back, given the calibre of competition on the market. How do you about-turn and convince disillusioned players you're back on track when so many claim Age of Conan remains fundamentally broken?

Craig Morrison: I'm not sure that it's completely true a game can't come back, EVE Online for example has built itself up very successfully over the years, and our own Anarchy Online is still going strong almost eight years on from its poor launch.

So I firmly believe that if we focus on the right things and continue to provide that fun and engaging content I mentioned above then it does start to turn. Once players are having fun in the game and enjoying the content, they start to tell their friends and word of mouth improves and it can grow from there.

There will of course always be some players who simply aren't into giving a game a second chance and will continue to mention only the launch, but I think the majority are fair minded enough to listen when they hear fellow players saying, 'You know what? This came has really improved,' because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what we say about the game ourselves, the key is what those playing it think and share with the community. To achieve that we need to keep that all important focus on improving the game and giving players the experience that warrants them telling their friends about the improvements.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016