If you can spellweave, can you spellsew?

The folks at IGN are giving us a look at Spellweaving in AoC, a technique to power your spells up. They also have class specific examples.

Though there are six classes in the game that can be considered "magical," only four actually fling magic at opponents as a primary method of attack. Spellweaving is available for the Priest-type Tempest of Set and Priest of Mitra and the Mage-type Demonologist and Necromancer. Basically, it works like a stance. Soldier-type classes, those who're most effective at fighting on the front lines of battle, have the ability to shift between defensive and offensive stances at will, affecting their damage output and capacity for resistance as the situation necessitates. It's the same for casters, able to switch in and out of spellweaving stance whenever it might be appropriate to combat what's onscreen.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016