AoC Patch going live tomorrow while Testlive goes live today.

As most of you who play AoC probably noticed, there has been no patch this week. According to the AoC Server Forum:

We have been working on various fixes for the next update and they have been coming along nicely. During those tests our QA department however encountered an issue which needs to be addressed and corrected. In order to test those new changes (including making those available on our Testlive servers) we are scheduling the next update to Thursday, 10th of July, 04:00 am GMT.

Thank you.

Funcom has also added the Testlive Forum this week, so they are truly busy little beavers. Look for the full patch to go live tomorrow and check in on Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan community for comprehensive Conan news and guides.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016