All Points Bulletin (APB) is the next big massively multiplayer game set to launch, and at All Points Bulletin community day last
week, not only did we get a chance to play the latest build of APB on lightning fast connections, but we also had a chance to ask Creative
Director David Jones (Co-Founder of Rockstar North, and one of the visionaries behind Grand Theft Auto) and Executive Producer Josh
Howard some questions from an MMO gamer's point of view.

From the article:

From picking and choosing from new missions that regularly pop up on the screen, to taking on "pledge" missions from your contact as
part of the “pledge” progression, to vandalizing and stealing cars as a criminal or patrolling to witness such crimes being committed as an
Enforcer, to being dispatched to back up faction mates who have bitten off more than they can chew - it’s impossible not to get swept up in
the action. At its core, APB is well-orchestrated mayhem, and it does a great job of getting players into the action on a moment- by-moment

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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