April Fools' Day Fun!

While we could be old codgers and gripe that the devs should be working on real content, it's nice to see that some of our favorite games have a pulse. Here are some MMORPG April Fools' Day highlights:

EverQuest 2's Quest for Lucan - SOE offers a bit of self-effacing fun with a sham website introducing a "contest" to find a real-life lookalike for arch-villain Lucan D'Lere. The theme plays off of last year's mildly ridiculous "Quest for Antonia" - where a yearlong modelling contract was awarded to Anna Wainscot of Davis, CA - a college student with. shall we say, questionable gaming interest. Applicants aged 60+ years are urged to apply.

WoW's Triple Whammy - Blizzard simultaneously announces "BurgerCraft" - a chain of World of Warcraft-themed fast-food restaurants, and the inclusion of Wisps (with their "amazing" self-detonation racial ability) as the new "Burning Legion" expansion Alliance race. Also, check out the "leaked" WoW version 1.11 patch notes.

Other non-gaming related web pranks:
  • Google Romance (Beta) - Improve your chances of finding that special someone with the ability to upload multiple, "wildly divergent" profiles!
  • Homestar Runner - Something seemed a little off as I sought out my weekly Strongbad email fix this morning!

Found more? Send 'em to me, and I'll post the links for everyone to enjoy!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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