April WAR Screenshots

Chaos, Chaos... and some Empire


March 31s , 2007

A new batch of screenshots have been released and we are here to show them off. Below are several new WAR related screenshots for your consumption. Lots of new class pictures and some architecture images as well.


Chaos Magus

Magus at Graveyard Magus at a Crypt Magus & Daemon
Magus at Portal Magus Floating


Chaos Zealot

Zealot with Skull Zealot by Portal Zealot by Longship Zealot fighting Priest


Warrior Priest

Warrior Priestess Praying Priest Defending Priest Priest with Steamtank
Priestess Praying Priest by Longboat Priestess by Cannons
Priest by Cannons Priest by sunk longship Priest Vs. Yhetee


Chaos Architecture

Tzeentch Tower Tzeentch Windmill Tzeentch House
Tzeentch Staircase Tzeentch Horn Khorne Hall


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