Find out more about the man behind the missions, Bruce Harlick.

Bruce Harlick is not new to super heroes. He started with Hero Games back in 1981. Since then, Bruce has done it all from technical writer to president. Now with City of Heroes, Bruce is in charge of "making cool stories and missions, and designing systems to help support missions."

In a different twist of "meet the developer," Bruce has posted his background on the City of Heroes Forum and provided for questions to be posted until September 22nd when he will then work on a follow up report answering as many of the questions as he can/wants.

So what are you going to ask? Something about the game that has miffed you since it launched, or are you going right for the Issue 13 questions about day jobs? Whatever you ask, make sure you abide by the rules and put them in the City of Heroes Forum.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016