The return of Ask Cryptic for Champions!

This edition of Ask Cryptic has questions all over the place, from appearances, to attack types, to the overall progress of the game. In addition to questions that probe at how the game will feel, the answers are great too!

Will there be emotes for reading comic books, listening to MP3/CDs/radios, petting cats/dogs, blowing bubble gum bubbles, holding up a pizza, taking off glasses (in a dramatic way), tipping a hat, etc.? (Captain_Intrepid)

Absinthe: You forgot to mention blinking with fierce determination! Yes, there will be emotes; whether or not we actually get the "taking off glasses (in a dramatic way)" emote in before release is up in the air.

I vote very heavily to have the "taking off glasses (in a dramatic way)" emote done before launch. Every good superhero MMO needs it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016